Siren Head Nightmare Scary Survival

There is an urban legend that everyone in Belgrade knows. This horror game has a story from few months after the horror of bombarding in 1999. A scary tall mysterious creature with a humanoid figure was scene dragging dead people into abandoned house. This house is like a mansion but is completely from horror games. It is a real nightmare and many people have gone missing. You can hear screaming and various sounds for help. It has a very odd and scary appearance, has a head with a pair of sirens for face that he uses to kill any victims that are unlucky to get caught by this siren head creature. But can you survive five nights at this old abandoned haunted place near your grandma's house? - Intensive horror experience with high graphics - Siren head will hear your movement but you can deceive him so hide, he will not find you - Find the truth behind this scary legend in this best action-packed free game - Escape from the clutches of this scary monster - Horror games with easy controls that even your granny can enjoy playing Find out where you will be once trapped alone in an abandoned house with sounds of siren echoing in this horror games adventure.

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