Zombie Colosseum

You are a captured soldier who fought in an interplanetary war that ended a long time ago. Now you are being used as a gladiator in the arena for the amusement of the public. And you are confronted by an innumerable horde of zombies, eager for your destruction. Colosseum loves the strong. Becoming a more experienced warrior, you will be pumped up and receive a reward in the form of a box with weapons and / or a place in the warehouse. The main thing is that there is enough space in the warehouse for each weapon from the box, otherwise the weapon will last until better times. Colosseum loves the greedy. For the best of the best, the owners of the arena have prepared 7 samples of weapons that will be an excellent tool in the fight against the enemy. Colosseum loves the marksmen. Try to hit these green-skinned creatures in the head to increase the damage done. And remember - Zombie Colosseum does not forgive mistakes...

Category: adventure