Takeover is a real-time strategy game where you command squads of units to protect your strongholds from enemies and seize their buildings to win. For centuries the Rivadis Empire ruled the continent in its shine and glory. But now it fell into necromancers’ hands and dying. Time for Takeover has come! Lead one of 3 nations in the battle for Rivadis. Each nation has 5 types of squads, 3 types of strongholds and magic spells. In addition, you can build gold mines, farms to hire more squads, and obelisks to get more mana. Key features: - Real-time strategy with squads - 3 nations that you can control (and an extra Necromancers nation) - 5 squad types - 3 spells and a powerful Grand Spell for each nation. - Edicts - upgrades that make your army stronger - 8 levels for each nation

Category: archery